Vintage GI Joe 1990 Sky Raven ARAH Pre-Production Sample AFA Graded

GI Joe Junkyard

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What you are looking at here is an AFA 80 graded GI Joe 1990 Sky Raven Pre-production (pre FEP) sample. This item was sent to Hasbro from China because the Sky Raven was late getting into final production. About 12 or less of these were sent to examine various aspects of the product to confirm that it was correct and to give the final okay to begin production. The box is plain white with just the sticker placement to both save cost on the sample and to verify the sticker quality. Inside the box is a complete chrome Sky Raven with all parts bagged like they would have been, a decal sheet, and a set of mock up black and white blueprints.

Typically, these Pre FEP samples were either thrown away or just given to the executives for their children to play with. It is EXTREMELY RARE to find one of these still with it's box. This "origin" story as it were was confirmed by a very high ranking Hasbro employee for the GI Joe brand at the time. It was also independently confirmed by AFA who gave it an actual grade of 80.

This is 1 of only 3 of these Sky Ravens known to exist!

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